Advanced STEM Curriculum

Estrella Educational Foundation’s integrated approach to learning is based on a rigorous STEM curriculum that aligns with Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. All classes using our curriculum incorporate communication and critical thinking skills, encourage problem solving and innovation, and depend on project-based collaboration and research to master reading and writing skills. We want every student to be academically prepared to succeed in both college and career.

Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment

We believe Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment courses ensure academic rigor and allow students to better prepare for the requirements of college courses. We would like to see every student attending an EEF school complete their first year of college before leaving high school. Studies show that students who take AP and college-level classes in high school are more likely to graduate from college within four years and maintain a higher grade point average than students who don’t (College Board 2007).

Blended Learning Models and Digital Literacy

Our curriculum integrates online and/or digital content with face-to-face classroom instruction to provide students with the most current academic content and true-to-life learning examples to improve digital literacy. This integration helps students translate abstract STEM concepts into real-world applications.

Personalized Education Plans

Personalized education plans provide staff with comprehensive information about student progress and encourage student success. Our learning management platform collects student performance data to show teachers how students are performing so they can address each student’s specific instructional needs with consistency. Our platform:

  • Prescribes a personalized curriculum plan for every student to address skill gaps
  • Instructs through research-based models of sequenced, direct-instruction that prepares students for subject mastery
  • Assesses student strengths (and learning deficiencies) with both pre-tests and adaptive assessments correlated to Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards
  • Reports student progress to teachers and parents via an online platform that can track and analyze both individual student and class performance in order to refine teaching strategies and curriculum plans

Advisement and Internships

EEF helps each of our schools develop an advisory program to monitor academic achievement and counsel students in academic planning. This program also encourages students to participate in internships and community service projects that develop character, teach important job skills, raise awareness of STEM-related career opportunities, and give students a competitive advantage when applying for college scholarships.