Charter Application & Compliance

Charter schools are state-funded, independent public schools that bring the free market system into education. Charter schools operate under contract within an existing school district, often seeking to fill educational gaps within those districts by offering specialized curriculums to meet student academic needs. As a charter management organization, Estrella Educational Foundation provides support in both the application and compliance stages of opening a charter school. 

In accordance with our mission, all EEF schools focus on providing 9–12 students with rigorous STEM educational opportunities and improving student achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Charter Application Services

If you are interested in starting a STEM charter school in your area, contact us. We would be happy to partner with you as you apply for and plan your charter. We are happy to help in the following ways:

  • Create action plans
  • Prepare documents
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships
  • Recruit and train staff
  • Recruit students and develop marketing plans
  • Establish operational procedures
  • Establish administrative procedures
  • Develop instructional programs

Charter Compliance Services

As one of our charter schools, EEF will ensure your school remains compliant with all local and state regulations so you can focus on your goal of student achievement. We can help:

  • Review instructional goals
  • Manage fiscal paperwork
  • Prepare and file compliance documentation
  • Research and communicate compliance regulations
  • Manage vendor contracts
  • Implement professional development